Frequently Asked Questions

1. Packages

a. Are your packages customizable?

Yes. All our packages are customizable depending on your needs and wants. Our standard package was designed to give couples what our typical wedding coverage looks like but we can always add or subtract from the package. Please do contact us if you want to have a custom package designed for you.

b. Will there always be two photographers?

We have designed our packages and our execution based on two photographers for a reason. Please see our blog entry on our rational for always having two photographers to cover your wedding.

c.  What does "local place" mean?

Local for us is a driving distance of 40 miles from White Plains, NY. 

2. Equipment

a. Do you carry back-up equipment?

Yes. Each photographer has a back-up body, a back-up set of lenses and a back-up set of batteries and other supplies. We always ensure that there is a redundancy so that if one equipment fails, we can always recover fast.

b. What kind of equipment do you carry?

We carry a Canon 5D Mark II with a 24-105mm L lens and a Canon 7D with an 85 mm lens as our primary set and we carry two Canon 60Ds as backup. We also carry a Canon 10-22 mm lens, a 50mm lens and an 18-135mm lens for complete coverage of any situation. We also carry with us a portable monolight for situations that require it although we work best when we are agile and flexible so we also carry two Canon flashes with us for  lighting requirements.

c. Do you always shoot digital?

Digital is our preferred medium but we can also shoot film by request. We have an Olympus film camera with a 50 mm lens as well as a TLR camera that we can use by request. 

3. Insurance

a. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. We are protected by The Hartford for liability insurance.