Indiya and UK's Wedding in New York

January 27, 2014  •  7 Comments


Happy married life cousin. I wish you the best in your union. Congratulations.!
6.Nene Ndukwe(non-registered)
Congrats Indiya, may God bless your new home and show you his marvelous kindnesses. Amen! Nice pics.
5.ukuku okam(non-registered)
wow!!! wow!!! i missed this lovely event ! the pictures are lovely and the background music is on point! lovely and your marriage will always be full of love,joy,peace and mutual respect and GOD's guidance and protection .love you guys cheers
4.Nne Ebo(non-registered)
Beautifully done!!
3.Oyediya John(non-registered)
Nice. Congrats once again.
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